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Our studio is located in Montreal and south of Montreal, La Prairie.

Eva Photo

5524 St-Patrick street
H4E 1A8

(*Appointments only*)

C: 514.652.6364
E: info.evaphoto@gmail.com

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Owner Photographer

Creative and modern photographer

Being around and meeting new people; two things I am simply passionate about. I consider myself extremely lucky to have a loyal customer base who has been following me since I took my first steps in the world of photography. For over 5 years, I have been shooting across Canada all the way up to France. Soon, I hope I can do so all over the world. I want to work with you as a team and give all I’ve got in order to bring you the best possible results. That is what I aim for every time I take on a wedding shoot contract.

To make a long story short regarding my career path, I studied photography in 2002 and from there took on the professional elective at Collège Marsan in 2005. Only after the birth of my daughter Eve in 2010 did I finally set up my own wedding and portraiture company, namely eva-photo. More than 10 years have passed since I got into photography and I am still just as passionate about my work and the people that make it happen.
My goal: bringing you an unforgettable and completely personalized photo experience.
Eva-photo is synonymous with authenticity and emotions captured at the right moment.